Laslow Enterprises platform delivering text style advertising to a global audience


Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked question along with our answers to them:
  • Do I have to pay to join Laslow Enterprises?
No our platform is free to join and always will be.
  • If I join to advertise my products and services do I join as advertiser or exchange user?
To advertise anything on our systems you would join as an advertiser, but if you also have access to blogs or web pages where you can place banner codes then we recommend that you signup as an exchange user which allows you to advertise and also get paid to advertise for us and increase your own traffic stats using our banners.
  • Do I have to pay to advertise?
Yes there is a charge for advertising but you only pay for actual clicks or impressions on your advertisement and you control how much you want to spend and where your ads are placed, we even give you options to choose countries and time of day and even days of the week.