Laslow Enterprises platform delivering text style advertising to a global audience

How it works?

As an advertiser?

  1. If you want to signup as an advertiser then please click on the join link and then choose advertiser from the drop down menu.

  2. Fill out the form in full and click on the submit button.

  3. You will get an email at the address you entered which will contain a confirmation link that you must click on to confirm your account with us.

  4. You can now login to your account and create your advertising and choose categories that best describe your offer up to 8 categories per ad.

You can also choose countries, days of the week, times of day and type of ad that you want to submit.
Then choose to pay for clicks or impressions or both#
Please note that you will only be charged for actual clicks and imprissions that your ad receives and no cheating is tolerated from our exchange users.

Exchange users?

If you want an exchange user account then you simply click on the join button and choose exchange user from the drop down menu.

The signup process is the same as advertiser but now you will have extra options on your account.

You will also have the ability to grab your exchange coding along with option to choose the size and colour of your liking for your particular website,.

You can choose one or more sizes or all if you want to spread ads on different pages of your website.

You will be asked to add your website URL into your account and it will be checked and confirmed by admin.

Please note that you can add as many websites as you own and you have the ability to choose all categories at once if you want to.

Your account will allow you to advertise as well as using exchange code which cover a lot your own advertising costs, so this is a win win situation for both of us.


Demo of ad shapes and info

The banners showing above are a demo of the sort of banner used and can be any colour chosen by the exchange user to fit their particular colour schemes.